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JaviiNekoVT is a vtuber, who is dedicated to playing games, mostly not so modern and what her pc allows to run. Always shaking. from Monday to Thursday, at 3:30 p.m., Chilean time. She is characterized by promoting her streams with "cheap cat cat food" and "Nekotina, the energy drink". In addition, she usually treats her followers as Nekos and is usually very cute when greeting and thanking.

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I am a shinigami goddess, who came down to earth because she was bored and wanted to see humans more closely, because they are interesting, since they are sentient and mysterious beings. I have magical powers, so I can invoke my scythe or the list of humans if necessary. Upon descending to earth, I was born in my form as a goddess (Shinigami Nekomimi Goddess) and appeared in the field. A very kind priestess, she found me and raised me as her adopted daughter at the temple, where she lived with her parents and her brother. For her I was her girl from that day on. Always aware of my powers, I decided to hide them from my mother; my mother always protected me and kept me protected from all evil. As I grew older, among all things, I discovered the suffering, pain, and negative feelings of humanity. So one day, filled with sadness, I was discovered by my mother and I had to tell her, in terms that she understood, my whole story. Despite that, she told me that she will always be her daughter and I decided that she will always be my human mother. Thus, I was seeing and removing the desire to live, from whom God destined that their time would come soon. Until one day, an unknown shinigami appeared in our temple and possessed my grandmother. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything and the shinigami took her away, in her eagerness to have fun. I chased after him, but could not catch up with him; then evil forces came to attack the surroundings. Thanks to me and my mother, we managed to disperse them and finally make my grandmother's soul rise to the afterlife. Since then, I have valued humanity much more, since I learned that despite all the negative, the positive will always be with us too. And currently in my free time, I have fun with this hobby that humans call streaming. It's so much fun and I love it. I hope we get along. Do not blame the shinigami for the deaths of others. We only do what God and fate decided.

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