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Jam Peanut

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Jam Peanut is a genderfluid Vtuber who makes content in English. He is mostly known for his tiktok account @Jam._peanut which he post on frequently. He loves to chat during his streams and loves cozy games. As of 2022 he has began his journey as an idol and post covers. He primarily streams on twitch but makes appearances on YouTube occasionally.

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Jam had always been obsessed with idols, wanting to become one himself but he was worried he wouldn’t live up to the exceptions. One day while out stargazing Jam saw a shooting star, he made a wish to become a successful idol. He didn't think anything would come of the wish and went home shortly after. Sometime later he woke up in the middle the of the night by a bright light in his room. The light turned out to be an alien who heard his wish from her ship, she took pity on him and decided to make it come true. She gifted him a wand, that would allow him to switch from his idol outfit to his normal one. It also makes his singing and dancing skills alot better, though it still needs work. Before leaving she gave him a contract, all it wanted was for him to fulfill his wish fully, and once he does he would be set free from the contract. If he wasn’t able to succeed in fulfilling his dream, everything he made will go to the alien, and he would have no memory of it ever happening.

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