Jade the Kobold

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Jade is a seiso vtuber who keeps a wholesome atmosphere on their channel. It's a good lowkey channel to vibe with. Their stream schedule is announced on twitter and they are very punctual.

Jade likes to play narrative games and explore the lore and worldbuilding. There's a wide diversity of games each week, and always one 'bigger' game that is being played to completion.

Jade also has an 'Epic Thursdays' series where they blind play the free game on the Epic Store each week.

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Jade is a gentle soul with a deep fear and mistrust of humans that stems from an event long in the past, but recently it is beginning to be overcome by curiosity. Jade takes a wholesome and genuine joy in the simple things of life. Finding a shiny rock or a particularly large spider brings an excitement that has never dulled over the years.

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