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Jack Frost

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Jack Frost is a male spirit of winter Vtuber who mostly streams games. He also draws digital art profile pictures and emotes for people. Jack is currently learning how to sing and voice act in hopes of having more content out for the public.

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Jack Frost came into existence through the thoughts and beliefs of humans. As long as people believe that he exists, then he will continue to do so. He is able to manipulate all things winter, from ice and snow to temperature and emotions. One day while testing just how far he could go with his powers, he accidentally created life in the form of a snow bunny named Laffy! His favorite fruit are Watermelons so some humans have brought some to his shrine, not for worship, but rather for peace offerings so that he may keep everyone safe during the harsh winter times. After saving someone from a blizzard one night, that person started to also deliver offerings to the shrine but also with notes about their life. This person was a streamer and had lots of fans. Jack was confused about it at first and didn't know what that was so asked about it when that person arrived to deliver their next offering. He really enjoyed what he was told and they became good friends! However later, Jack's friend passed away from an illness during the summer holiday and didn't find out until the winter after. Through grief, he vowed to continue his legacy and take over streaming for his best friend.

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