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Ithrenion is a male Virtural YouTuber and Virutal Streamer who makes content in English. He is an independent Virutal YouTuber and Virtual Streamer who focuses on making people laugh and enjoying all life has to offer. His birthday is August 11th, he is 3463 years old (when converted to Earth years) at the time of his debut, and is 177 cm tall. He is knowledgeable about a multitude of different games due to being on Earth for many years now. He normally streams on Twitch and uploads clips to his various other channels.

Ithrenion primarily streams RPG, TRPG, platformer, and Metroidvania games.

Ithrenion likes: chocolate milk, video games, sudoku, anime, playing with mana, and a clean home.

Ithrenion dislikes: dirty dishes, mint, the lack of mana on Earth, spiders, and insects.

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Ithrenion found himself on Earth after fighting in the end (as far as he knows it) of a cataclysmic battle for his world. Once a High Elf King, now just a High Elf VStreamer/VTuber who is fascinated with the technological world that doesn't use mana. Ithrenion is a lover of food, games, and relaxing while watching the rain. Ithrenion is currently trying to find a way to get back to his plane of existence in a world where mana is rather scarce.

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