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Nakir is a vtuber from Argentina who debuted on January 17, 2021. Although her content is especially based on her Spanish-speaking community, she also maintains fluent conversations with the English-speaking community. Her content specializes in various videogames, such as: Genshin Impact, VRChat, Minecraft and several of the horror genre. She loves to sing and especially to make new friends. But what she really loves is seeing her audience happy. Her birthday is March 8.

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Nakir is a black angel who rules purgatory according to Muslim beliefs, to be more specific in Adhab Algab. She is in charge of tormenting all the wicked throughout their eternity.

When she walks the earth she doesn't forget her name but she presents a very different face to those who visit purgatory. She loves to see humanity happy and seeks in each instance to find everyone who is evil to take them with her. However, many times she has come across the souls of people who had really done nothing but be kind to the world... She usually gives them the best treatment and leads them to the light. But there are some who refuse to cross the light, therefore they remain with her as ghosts. Those ghosts also help her fight the evil in the world.

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