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Iri is a mega Boomer-ass VTuber who remembers the good ol' days when polygons were low, pixel count was high, and game design was still throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. She primarily plays fighting games, boomer FPSs, character action games, and titles Pre-2006.

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This VTuber has indicated that their content is intended for mature audiences.
Oct 20, 2021
Oct 10, 2021
Oct 8, 2021
Oct 6, 2021
Sep 30, 2021
Sep 28, 2021
Sep 27, 2021
Sep 26, 2021
Sep 3, 2021
Aug 28, 2021
Aug 22, 2021
Aug 20, 2021
Aug 14, 2021
Aug 14, 2021
Aug 12, 2021
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