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Inabien Velvetale

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Inabien is a bunny vtuber who is trying learn more about humans and how to interact with them, Easy going laid back and kinda aloof, only desk-kun suffers their wrath on occasion

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I am Inabien Velvetale. I am a bunny hailing from Bunndrasil trying to learn about humans.

I really have taken a liking to these video games and manga you humans produce and have been indulging myself in them. They are so interesting.

I don’t have any real preferences because I think everything has it’s merits, so overtime I will be streaming a lot of different things. I think you call that a variety streamer?

I don’t really like things that are exclusively PvP or things that seem really realistic to you humans. But that might be because I am a bunny and not a human.

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