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Hypar is her old name in pinkish hair model. Now she is called Hyptuber.

Hyp is a girl Virtual YouTuber from Malaysia. She is an easy-going, cheerful and fun person. Fans call her by Hypu, Hyp, Boba. Hyp consider her fans as a third family which called Hypfam.

She claims her community name as "Hypnation." Hyp loves to sing anime/japanese/jpop songs a lot but not yet fluent in Japanese. She get scared in horror games easily and is really weak at puzzle games. Her goal is to have a peace community and fun to hang out with new circle.

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Like a lot of cliche story. Long time ago, people called her a boring girl, always getting bullied and hated. Without having any friends and trust issues, she decided to become a vtuber and create her own circle.

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