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HoneyBellz is a Virtual Streamer that makes content in English. She is a goofy variety streamer who hopes to create a cozy, safe space for her viewers. She is also part of the LGBTQIA+ community and identifies as Bi/Demisexual.

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Once upon a time there was a forest, This forest wasn't like any others for in the heart of it was a River that granted those who drank from it Immortality. Bellz was created by the forests magic to protect it from those who wished it harm. For many years Bellz lived an easy life, she explored the forest and played with the animals who were her only friends. She loved her life although it was lonely at sometimes. One day however humans begun to wander into the forest discontent with the land they already had they began to destroy the forest tree by tree. Bellz had to put a stop to it before they destroyed the entire forest or discovered the sacred river. So she started asking the wolves and bears of the forest to scare the humans away and for awhile... It worked. However by that time it was already too late, They did so much damage to the forest that they managed to discover the sacred river. The greedy king who ordered the men to chop the forest heard tales of the river or immortality and ordered the men to do anything to get to it and those who helped would be granted a sip from it. The people who where once scared away by the wolves and other animals no longer cared about the danger and started trapping them. All they could see was immortality and they'd do anything to get it. Nothing Bellz did seemed to help as they would just find new ways to overcome the challenges. One day however they grew tired of simply trapping the animals and started slaughtering any animal that crossed their path. The non-stop fighting strained the forest making it start to wither and rot and neither side was willing to give up. So enough was enough. Bellz used a very powerful spell and sealed the forest away so it could never be found again. Doing this however the cost of the spell was simply so strong and it weakened Bellz to the point where she can only do basic magic. But it was worth it. The animals started thriving again, The forest was healing and no more humans were seen. But It got lonely. After getting used to seeing and hearing humans she was unused to the silence of a forest. With nobody to talk to and only animals as her friends she quickly got bored and started tinkering and creating things to pass the time. One day she managed to create a device that lets her broadcast herself in real time to those to the outside world! It lets her communicate with the outside world without ever putting the forest in danger!

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