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HoneyBellz is a Virtual Streamer that makes content in English. She is a goofy variety streamer who hopes to create a cozy, safe space for her viewers. She is also part of the LGBTQIA+ community and identifies as Bi/Asexual.

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In a world much different than our own lived a human called Bell, She was one of the few people in this world born without magic. Because her lack of magic most jobs were simply unavailable for her to do and instead she just opened up a potion shop that sold simple healing potions for weary travelers. One day while out getting herbs in a nearby forest Bellz spots a creature that could only be described as pure magic. Bell approached the creature who didn't shy away from her and tried to pet the creature only for the creature to explode in a bright light. Half of the light went into Bell while the other half faded away back into the trees around her. When the Light went into Bell her heart stopped beating from the overload of pure magic, days later when Bellz awoke she noticed a couple of things, not only was she now transparent and had fox ears and antlers, she was staring at her own corpse. Bellz was now a spirit and unable to interact with anyone since then she has spent many years trying to control her magic to become visible and able to interact with the living again.

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