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HisokaKawa is shy vtuber that has a hard time talking to people. He does alot of gaming streams but he likes to play a lot of FPS and league of Legends. He wants to learn Japanese and to improve his English for he is not fluent at English yet and just started learning Japanese. One more thing he is a big WEEB.

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Hisoka was a stray cat in the city he had a hard time surviving in the big city. one morning he was strolling across an alley way he encountered a child that was being chased by a dog. He was hesitating to save the child but with the goodness of his heart he acted right away fighting the dog to keep it distracted unfortunately he got mauled by the dog but fortunately the kid got away. He got in to haven and later on become a guardian angel he was tasked to watch and guide a boy named Kawa the boy was lonely at the time and was interested on streaming with his guiding Kawa was able to become a popular streamer and made a lot of friends along the way. Hisoka got an interest for streaming also. He was rewarded and was given three wishes for his job well done. First wish was to get a human form but still keeps some of his cat looks. The second wish was to still have his angelic powers. the third wish was to able to stream. and that he was put in to a different world similar to earth. Hisoka was ready to stream and make friends but he doesn't have a single clue on how to stream or make friends. and there his adventure begins

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