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Foxi is super chill...

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Looking back on it, it feels like forever ago...

I was your everyday average kid. Go to school when I was suppose to go do my homework when required. The best part of my day, the best part was after school walking home. I'd walk through the overgrown gardens in the middle of town, put on my earbuds and listen to my favorite music just enjoying myself. Touching all the dew that would drip from the leaves as I walked by them, seeing the sun rays pierce through the trees down to the ground and jumping into each hole of light but, that was along time ago... and I'm dying now...

"Foxi get the hell down here!" said a armored solider. shooting down what appears to be demon like creatures.

"We don't have time we have to fall back!" shouted another scared armored man.

"Foxi we won't make it home this time." spoken by a woman who seems to be sobbing uncontrollably.

(We are being over run, the Yokai have us surrounded.)

A voice comes through the helmets of all the soldiers. "Complete your mission or die with the rest of them"

beep a noise alerts into everyone suits and a purple gas is flooding their suits.

Everyone screams in agony as the gas fills their lungs seeming to imbue them all with vigor.

"We are not going to die today!" "There is no way we make it this time..." "I'm over everything screw this" a solider pulls pins out from his light grenades that are strapped to his body. "I will die on my own terms!"

Foxi among the shooting, death, and screams, hears the pins hit the floor. She sprints like a flash of purple lighting towards her team...

Everything goes silent, as a orb wave of bright white light envelopes the solider, followed by the other two standing close by.

I'm always to late...

Foxi is blasted back by this explosion, her body rolling, flipping, smashing against the rumble and stone on the ground, and smashes into the far wall. Looking as if she is siting slouched in a throne of rock Foxi doesn't move.

(slowly panning into the helmet of Foxi her eye slowly closes.) Foxi says, "I remember a garden..."

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