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Heather Bunsen is a Twitch VTuber who uploads her VODs to YouTube as full playthroughs. Her avatar is of a female scientist with bunny ears. She states she is a scientist when she is not gaming, and prefers to play indie games. Her favorite genres are RPGs, action/adventure, open world, and in depth-story type games.

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As near as she can tell, Heather was created in a lab approximately 18 years ago by, in her words, "a post-doc with a questionable set of morals.". She has vague memories of her creator, but they were always in the shadows, or otherwise not easily visible so they couldn't be identified should Heather escape. One day, they simply stopped showing up, and in desperation for food and water, Heather started wandering the halls of the animal facility. The other members of the lab found her crying in a corner, and realizing she was a sentient and intelligent creature, opted to raise her in the lab instead of turn her in to be poked and prodded over.

15 years have passed since her creator's disappearance. Thanks to online schooling, Heather managed to not only graduate high school, but also obtain an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, a Masters degree in Public Health, and a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics, though she doesn't talk much about the Ph.D. She now is the primary investigator of the lab she was created in, and lives above it in the attic storage area that has been converted into an apartment. As she obviously cannot go out in public, she spends her evenings reading and playing video games online.

She will frequently reference her "husbun" Fringe. While not a bunny-person like her, Fringe is her companion and lives with her in her attic isolation. He is supportive and one of her only non-work connections to the outside world.

Yes they met on online dating. Don't ask.

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