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Gwen Myoty

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Gwen is an English-speaking Australian-based transfemale Half-Bat Half-Human living in an old library populated by cultists. She is supportive, cozy, and seiso most of the time. She specializes in Art, ASMR, Tabletop RPG streams, and chill games typically. However, on full moons, she transforms into a raunchy lewd loudmouth who plays horror games, does NSFW nonsense, and hosts big chaotic collabs.

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Some time ago, Gwen holed up in an old abandoned library known as the Archive of Chamenos attempting to hide the dark side of herself from the rest of the world. It was there all by her lonesome that she discovered her love for making artwork, and tabletop roleplaying games like D&D and Pathfinder. Each night, she goes to sleep in the archive's clocktower belfry perched in the rafters. Recently though, a cultist group called The Archivists also stumbled onto the Archive and decided to turn it into their base of operations. In the midst of doing so, they discovered Gwen, but rather than run in fear, they became fascinated with her and became convinced she was a gift from their god, The Great Chronicler. They began showering her with random things they'd found that pertained to her interest, including video games and tabletop books. They eventually managed to find the abandoned account of a streamer who disappeared under "mysterious circumstances" and decided to use the platform they found to show their supposed bat goddess to the world. Gwen doesn't really believe any of The Archivist's nonsense, but she intends to enjoy their gifts and love for her, more than happy to embrace the streaming platform she was handed.

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