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Gwen Graye

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Gwen is a common demon and her goal in life is to become a succubus. To do that, she needs to collect a lot of souls! So she's packed her stuff and hiked her way up to the Earth's surface where she's looking to make as many contracts, er, friends as possible! She's also...a bit of a shut-in. Luckily, she can use the internet to befriend people through streams. She's mostly streaming games - she's not at all good at them, but she has a lot of fun regardless - and hopes to start streaming her drawing in the future as well.

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Gwen was born a looooong time ago in Hell. She's a common demon living in the City of Dis and flitted from job to job in the various circles of Hell helping with paperwork here, a little bit of torture there, standard demon stuff. But she had a dream; she wanted to attain the necessary amount of souls to gain her succubus wings. The Queens of Hell! She wanted so desperately to be one of them.

So she packed her stuff and hiked herself up to the Earth's surface where she's settled down with her streaming gear. She's trying to gain as many friends (and their souls) as possible so she can achieve her dream of being a succubus and then rise the ranks to be the great there ever was!

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