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Greigh is a VTuber and Streamer who is apart of NekoNeko Project

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Once upon a time, long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, deep in the center of the world… Just kidding XD

Hatsu and Greigh were both created by [R҉ҽɗąƈƭҽɗ] and [R҉ҽɗąƈƭҽɗ] who wanted to test their “Computer Prowess and knowledge of AI interface” In the creator words that is... From that, Hatsu and Greigh were “born” but they are not perfect in their creation. With [R҉ҽɗąƈƭҽɗ] and [R҉ҽɗąƈƭҽɗ] “janky” interface mash up. Their voice has been temporarily made unusable, so it has been replaced with a more robotic premade voice.

They are supposedly hard at work fixing them though. Not the most reliable creators if you ask me. However they are Greigh and Hatsu creators and to keep their servers connected the way they are and the upkeep for them is a bit expensive. Hatsu and Greigh decided with their creators consent, Greigh and Hatsu set out to make themselves known and attempt different forms of social medias and rise through the ranks of content creators in an attempt to help fund [R҉ҽɗąƈƭҽɗ] and [R҉ҽɗąƈƭҽɗ] to improve themselves and help keep them doing what they love.

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