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Graciie is a friendly mushroom VStreamer, with aspirations to make everyone she meets happy! When she’s not streaming she spends her time wandering the local forests making new friends along the way. Graciie loves making and spreading joy with her artwork too! While Graciie is usually down to earth she can definitely be quite hyper at times and cause a ruckus, the local mushroom elders tend to dislike this… Won’t you come explore the forest with her?

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When Graciie was 7-years-old she found a mushroom forest a few miles from the village she was raised in. Whilst exploring, she got lost, and it began to rain. Taking shelter beneath a giant mushroom, she dozed off into a deep sleep. The mushroom she fell asleep under began to disperse its spores, falling directly onto her. After some friendly mushroom folk found her sleeping there, they buried her, thinking she had passed. 10 years later she awoke with mushrooms growing out of her! She began to realize she would never be accepted in the human village again due to her misfortunes, and lives her days with the other mushrooms in the forest she now calls home.

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