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Gothra Kaiju



Gothra kaiju is a crazy creative chaotic streamer from America who really cares about her community. She is the epitome of a variety streamer she makes art, rigs models, plays games, and has long talks about meatloaf. She loves playing games like VRChat, Minecraft, story driven games, anything psychological horror, and struggling to play fps. She has a very in depth lore that she likes to hint at in streams and other media, but she also is honest and real with her community. She makes everything on her stream herself not limited to models, layouts, animations, and emotes. she really enjoys interacting with chat so make sure to stop by and say hi!!

Lore Edit

Gothra was the idea formed into reality by scientists in the year 1919 with DNA samples from a human and two large kaiju. One that was once labeled the king of the monsters and a specimen that housed much calmer and more peaceful traits to create a monster they could use.

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