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Goddess Luna Tick

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This is Luna! She goes by She/Her and is a Lunar Cat Goddess who got bored and decided to have fun like the humans do! She loves making new friends.

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Luna used to watch over cats from her Lunar Palace on the dark side of the moon; however, as she had been doing that for the past 160 years, she had gotten bored. She asked her sibling Selene if she could watch over the cats for a few hundred years while she goes on vacation and Selene agreed to this as she had done this to Luna in the past as well. Luna packed her bags and traveled to Earth on the day of her 210th birthday. She discovered videos games through some friendly humans and has been in love with them since. Now she relaxes with her cats and shares her video games with others.

She is canonically 5 feet tall and her age can be likened to 21 in human years.

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