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VCast is a production group created by VTuber community members, Shosan Rose and OneTrueMitch in which crew members come together to collaborate in various types of content creation. The group produces different types of content largely revolving around comedic commentary.

VCast Podcast
The VCast Podcast is the official VCast weekly podcast largely focusing on comedic commentary on popular culture of the week, including video games, recent news, twitch features, sport and upcoming projects. The podcast does not focus on any one topic, but instead bounces around from news to video games to stories from the life of the VCast members, which includes the entire VCast crew, (not just the core members) with appearances by other crew members and special guests. The podcast is hosted and produced by Shosan Rose.

Unlike most podcasts, VCast doesn’t have a predetermined time limit. The standard run time for each episode is between 60 and 180 minutes. Although the format of the podcast is strictly two-dimensional, the podcast has a set made up of many different interchangeable components.

History and Creation
On July 27, 2020, Shosan Rose announced the pilot episode for a new podcast would be aired on Twitch publicly, similar to the ‘Off Topic’ podcast format, but with members of the VTuber community.

On August 6, 2020, the first pilot episode was released to members of the VTuber Community. After it received overwhelming support, the first official episode was released to the public on August 8, 2020 which included Rose, OneTrueMitch, JackTW, and 3d_SoReal “Low”. Rose serves as the main host of the show and makes the most frequent appearances alongside other VCast crew members and special guests. OneTrueMitch serves as the secondary host by making the second most frequent number of appearances on the podcast next to Rose.

On December 20, 2020, Shosan was interviewed by JohnLovesAnime, where he teased the idea of VCast expanding it’s activities and scope in 2021 with the inclusion of ‘VCast Plays’, a separate segment under the VCast name, where crew members come together and play games.

On January 30, 2021, the podcast was renamed to the “VCast Podcast”, to make room for “VCast Plays”. Since then, VCast has served as an umbrella term to encompass all segments and activities.

The podcast features a rotating cast of the VCast crew. It usually features 5 main VCast crew members or 4 VCast crew members and a special guest. They are usually seen having a casual conversation and hanging out, although throughout the podcast, additional crew members or guests have been known to pop in and say hello. The VCast Podcast usually runs for 2 hours or more with the longest episode being approximately 3 hours 18 minutes.

Cast | Shosan Rose · OneTrueMitch · JackTW · Amaya Blank · Lavendarlingxo · Momo Miyuki · RikkaRikkai

Support | Jason

Recurring |

Former | 3d_SoReal “Low” · TheWolfHacker · Puddlinq · SweatyLilKoi· Maeowi · Emberspyre

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