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The Printer Sisters is a small livestreaming group that consists of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key. Cyan is the youngest of the group; followed by Magenta, Yellow, then Key (the eldest).

The Printer Sisters group is under the umbrella of a single account called Nicosarea (or Nicoโ€™s Area): whose online operations and creative endeavors are overseed by NICO, their ghostly VTuber manager! As such, they take turns as hosts on Twitch; with each one of them bringing something unique to the table whenever they livestream.


Meta Lore and Behind-the-Scenes Context:

Nico casually livestreams on Twitch as a VTuber version of himself (NICO) or as either one of his OCs (currently Magenta or Key). He fostered a desire to transform a banal office consumable, CMYK printer ink, and sought to give them character and personality by reimagining them as his own VTuber OCs. Thus, the Printer Sisters were born!

Whenever Nico livestreams as Magenta, he does his best to maintain an alternate/separate personality that is unique to Magenta (or the other members in general). He also uses a live voice changer to enhance this illusion. Although it wasn’t initially planned, Magenta became an ASMR VTuber since whispering was the easiest way to translate his voice to sound more feminine. If the need arises, Nico can easily switch the hosts to fit the current vibes of the stream.

Nico does his best to be transparent with his viewers. Whenever a livestream is planned, he posts an announcement in his Discord channel with information regarding who exactly is hosting: which is usually accompanied by a visual image that is colour coded accordingly. Ultimately, the selection of the host is mostly predetermined by current Nicoโ€™s mood.

The purpose of such a strange approach towards VTubing is to cultivate a novel and exciting experience, while also experimenting with unique ways to be creative with the livestreaming platform.

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