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Fruit Rat

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Fruit Rat is a Trans rat girl vtuber. She is a fruit bat/ rat hybrid furry, she uses ver/min and she/her pronouns. Fruit Rat typically plays horror games and likes to play Visual novels and is a variety streamer who plays Dead By Daylight, creates art, and has spoken about intending to do music streams as well. They are an english vtuber.

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A lab rat who was experimented on since she was a kid, having a scientist min liked that she treated as a parental figure. Few of these experiments included splicing her DNA making them into a hybrid and also the ability to eat other creatures to transform into them, and an unknown side effect has caused her to absorb UV radiation that gets emitted back out as a glow from ver spots, that min likes to call speckles. The scientist that helped fruit Rat gave them the nickname speckle and she stuck with it ever since. When the experiments were all done, instead of disposing of Speckle as the scientist was instructed, they helped her escape, where she was eventually found by a circus and taken in. through years of entertaining through the circus she got a love for the spot light and decided to start streaming as well as running the circus that kept her safe.

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