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Frosty is a wholesome Virtual English Streamer and YouTuber who does their best to provide a friendly (and family friendly) atmosphere. On the VTuber side, you'll find Roleplays done with their Yuki character, progressing through school. Comments such as "It's like watching an anime" have been made about their RP sessions.

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Yuki's Backstory: Her father travelled the world before finding a Japanese woman and falling in love at first sight. After getting married, a child was born in the middle of winter. The mother of this newborn child chose to call her 雪 (ゆき/Yuki) after the beautiful snow and the beauty that hides beneath it. Through her early years, the other kids parents told them to stay away from her and that she was a monster or a yokai. Yuki never knew about this, but it caused her to grow up without any friends and left her with no idea how to make any. As time went on, the other kids started to make fun of her and her grades started to drop from straight As because of it. Things started to take a turn for the worse once she hit Junior High, where she was bullied by people of the canine variety. When her parents found out about this, they pulled her out and she didn't go back to school for a year, but the damage had already been done. Realizing that her future depended on her education, she worked up the courage to apply for a Highschool. However, the only school that would accept someone like her was Project F Academy.

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