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Frosty Shadow

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Frosty Shadow is a cat femboy vtuber who streams various games and activities on his channel. He has blue hair tied in twin tails and wears a Japanese style school uniform and rectangular black glasses. He is very shy and timid, but also kind and gentle. He likes to dress up in cute outfits and accessories, and sometimes cosplays as his favorite characters. He enjoys playing rhythm games, visual novels, RPGs, and horror games. He also likes to sing, draw, cook, and read manga. He often gets flustered and embarrassed by compliments and teasing from his viewers.

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Frosty Shadow was a normal cat who lived in a snowy mountain village. He loved to watch the human children go to school and admired their cute uniforms and rectangular black glasses. One day, he found a discarded uniform and a pair of glasses in the trash and decided to try them on. He was amazed by how well they fit him and how smart he looked in the mirror. He felt a strange warmth in his chest and a tingling sensation in his body.

The next thing he knew, he had transformed into a human-like cat boy with blue hair and twin tails. He was shocked and scared by his sudden change, but also curious and excited. He wanted to learn more about the human world and make friends with other people like him. He decided to leave his village and travel to the city, where he heard there were many vtubers who streamed online.

He bought a cheap laptop and a webcam and set up his own channel as Frosty Shadow, a shy cat femboy who loves Japanese culture and fashion. He wore his uniform and glasses as his signature look and hoped to find out the reason behind his transformation and discover his true self.

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