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Font of Fawna



Font of Fawna is a Canadian Vtuber who focuses on streaming a variety of content. She streams Christian content on Sundays while playing games, drawing, singing, and just chatting during the week. Her streams are 16+ and she is seiso the majority of the time. She collaborated with a variety of streamers and loves to play cooperative games. Her favorite game genres are JRPGs, Sandbox, Life Sims, and Adventure games. She loves to do IRL streams with her dog Mocha and will frequently go on hikes and do dog training sessions.

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Font of Fawna is a spiritual embodiment of the West Coast Forest she resides in. She manifests herself as a human so she can learn more about the human world and how to protect the forest she lives in. She can harness the power of the animals in her woods and will present with lynx, fox, deer, and other ground animal traits.

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