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Feeble Attempt

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Feeble is an aspiring American VStreamer/VTuber with a focus on trying new things even if she doesn't do well at them. She struggles with anxiety and depression and wants to share her coping skills as well as make new friends along the way. With a background in graphic design and marketing she hopes to collaborate and do art trades with others in the community. In the meantime she's always up for casual gameplay as long as you don't mind losing.

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Feeble is a socially anxious extrovert who is okayish at typical weeb stuff like drawing, customizing toys, and cosplay. Deemed too old (20+) to be a magical girl, she went to some back-ally scientist who said they could genetically engineer/splice some cat ears and make her more kawaii. Instead, she woke up with random cuts haphazardly sewn up from multiple experiments and no signs of change. Very upset and in a fog of anger and embarrassment, her skin flushed hot pink. The more she panicked, other things changed about her appearance. Instead of becoming a magical cat girl, she ended up some weird werewolf fox thing.

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