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Feckless OwO

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Feckless OwO is a male Tofu OwO English VStreamer out on Twitch who streams seven days a week. He is currently unemployed due to covid19 and tries to be entertaining while streaming. JGT is Feckless OwO's robotic companion while he streams; she always waves hello to viewers and keeps a smile on her face. Feckless plays FFXIV! OwO plans to continue to play other games, but for now, it is Final Fantasy 14. Feckless will sometimes voice act if possible; OwO likes horror but will often ask his chat what they want to see from him, and OwO always says to drink H20!

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Feckless OwO started as a piece of tofu, which got sucked into an alien spaceship. The aliens experimented with the nameless tofu and merged it with spider DNA and alien technology, and a mix of human DNA. They also added a drawing of an OwO face that got sucked into the spacecraft, they dropped him back off to earth, and now he seeks to make people happy. The robot girl sitting on his shoulder is from the aliens; OwO calls her JGT; they want to bring joy and positive vibes to their viewers!

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