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Fate is a chaotic fool of a demon archlord who like mentally abusing her victims before letting them go after using the jedi mind trick to make them come back it doesn't always work though ... it does most the time and to make sure it works she'll be nice first.

Fate spends their time streaming, playing games, and assisting others who are in need of technical help. That's a weird thing for a demon, right? Not so much! Fate has a love of technology and for making things work better than they did before. It brings them pride to make something function better and because of this they spend a majority of their time helping the community they are in to grow, resolve issues with streams, setting up models, and so on.

Fate is aggressive but kind. They are proud but humble. They are helpful but also self preservative. They judge everyone based on their character and not on opinion or hearsay. They hold values such as respect, etiquette, and common courtesy high. Big or small, new or old, Fate gives everyone a chance. The easiest way to get along with them? Don't be an arrogant dick.

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Fate is a Demon which is a piece of a greater whole. A fragment of their complete self - having been separated in an act of self-preservation, Fate is motivated by the search of a life of leisure and relaxation away from past turmoils and anxieties. Being countless centuries old, Fate has witnessed and experienced multiple aspects of life while living among humanity. In the current point of their life, Fate seeks more of a human lifestyle; relaxation, socialization, and experiencing what some call 'dank memes.' Though they may be but a fraction of their complete self, with information relating to the past events which led to their self-split of body and soul, Fate is very much their own individual and not simply a replication, offspring, or duplicate.

Fate has adapted into the lifestyle of modern day humanity quite well, having lost the need to continue with their high guard, combative, aggressive means some time ago. This does not mean, though, that it is lost entirely. Fate is known to have quite a bit of a temper under the correct circumstances and regularly 'loses their cool' in the heat of the moment. They were, after all, born into the class of a combat role type and as such find great pleasure in acts revolving around anything fast, aggressive, and dangerous. Furthermore they are quite competitive, motivated, and driven when it comes to standing tall in the face of adversity and in simple competition. Fate is just as likely to sweat when trying to beat you in a first person shooter as they are to "run them hands" if they dislike your attitude.

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