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False is currently a 26 year old female. She streams on her Twitch: Thursday-Sunday 08:00PM EST and posts videos and clips on her Youtube and Tiktok. False mostly plays with friends and some days she is solo playing with viewers. She does occasional 'story' games once or twice a week.

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False is from a far away land not of this realm. She was born into a royal family that has met a terrible fate from within its own blood line. Her step mother banished False and her brother to be exiled and even attempted to murder them, False being the only one to escape. Almost losing her own life she made a deal with a ancient kitsune spirit, Unmei, in the forbidden forest. If they join bodies then the spirit would lend their power to False for her to be able to live and get revenge. This is both a blessing and a curse as Unmei has their own agenda and their personality is much crueler than False's. False went back to the kingdom she once called home and with the help of Unmei she was able to get revenge for her brother, her kingdom. With no heir to the throne False was claimed the new Empress of Nyrheim. Her and Unmei fight to do the right thing in their own means some ways harsher than others. One day False was given a book by a scholar from another kingdom. False accepted the book as a gift but later opened it in her bed room. Little did she know it was a enchanted book that teleported to another dimension. The one you and I know today. She's been here for a few years now finally accustomed to our language, attire and culture. Even though she can live here comfortably she still looks for a way back to her kingdom to this day. Perhaps she will find it one day and everything will be okay. But as of now she lives a normal life as if nothing happened. She took comfort in video games as they have the same fantasy feel as her homeland. It keeps her mind off of being homesick and wondering if everyone is okay. Join her in her gaming adventure and story. Every now and then you may just see Unmei take a peak.

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