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Eris Thanewood

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Eris Thanewood is a gaming/anime focused Vtuber who primarily uploads reviews to youtube but tries to stream on twitch whenever possible.

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Exiled from her tribe Eris and her group of warriors formerly known as the Crimson Control Association or CCA wondered various lands before disbanding. Eris was captured and used for experiments by a rich eccentric where she was given a magical inscription that gives her powers in addition to the ones she was born with. A bio organic organism which she now considers her friend and sometimes uses as clothing was used to carry out these experiments. It was also here that the Azure rabbit a combat exo suit that draws energy from her inscription was made for her. When she is low on magical energy her form changes to one that is smaller until she can replenish her energy. The heart shape on her chest was considered special by tribe and originally meant her role was to be a type of fortune teller to warn of danger. She was exiled for rebelling against this and many of the other traditions held by her tribe. Despite using pronouns for females Eris has no issue with ones for male as technically she has the organs of both genders.

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