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Elyssia Nikos

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Elyssia Nikos is a lamia vtuber and artist. With an energetic and optimistic vibe, she streams mostly games or character design/drawing, with other types of streams sprinkled throughout. She speaks both English and Spanish, but streams primarily in English.

You'll find her most often playing metroidvanias, puzzles or platformers, but she isn't dedicated to one specific genre of games. She also focuses on interacting with her audience as much as possible.

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A lamia who grew up in an isolated community, hearing tales about how dangerous humans are when they consider you a monster. However, one day she discovered things have changed in the last few decades, and now monstergirls are welcomed in human society!

She now lives in a normal human city and streams to the world, trying to gather positive energy in her magical gem. One day, if she stores enough of it, she hopes to gain the ability to shape-shift into a human!

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