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Ele7en, also known as "Jun" is a Variety streamer who does a lot of Just Chatting and Gaming. He plays Overwatch, Monster Hunter and a few (J)RPGS. He speaks mostly English in his Stream but he also has a separate Japanese Streams for his Japanese viewers.

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Juniper Avos Van Del Helios Nightstar... the second, also known as Jun Jun or Jun for short, is the the 11th and youngest son of the Demon King of the 7th Circles of Hell. Vanished from his home for not being too evil enough, wandering, got lost in the human realm. He needs to prove to his father, brothers and sisters that he's worthy to be the next Demon King by unleashing evil to humanity. Fortunately, Jun might be a demon, but he has the heart of an Angel. Stuck in the human realm, Jun started streaming to provide us good content and positive vibes.

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