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Whim is a male English VTuber with limited Japanese who creates a variety of content. This includes gaming streams, model kit building, 3d modeling, karaoke, anime videos (seasonal and reviews), short-form content, and more. He will soon begin creating occasional ASMR content. Whim appears in a variety of collabs, most frequently the weekly DnD stream hosted by Ootori Kagerou and the Virtual Gathering Podcast hosted by Bellzabusty. He has a Live2D model as well as a simple 3D model for Beat Saber/VRChat/etc.

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An alien from a distant, advanced race on the brink of biological immortality. Due to a disastrous incident that may or may not have been the result of his clumsiness, he may have been exiled from his home planet. He is currently blending in on Earth, researching ways to pass the time in preparation for when dying of old age is no longer a concern. While his species is not too dissimilar from humans, there were a variety of bio-modifications needed to fit in, namely the removal of his tail.

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