Drea is a partnered VTuber on twitch and proud Weeaboomer. She mostly streams her art process and games.

She loves to play retro games/games on classic consoles such as the Dreamcast, N64 and PS2!

Her outfit is heavily inspired by things from the 80s and her favorite cartoon shows. Most specifically Back to the Future II, X-Men and Pokémon.

She likes to drink mexicoke, smoke weed and chill out. She wants to find more weeaboomers who will graciously take on the name and wear it proud along side her.

She's hoping to teach her viewers Spanish even though her Spanish skill is that of a small child.

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From info gathered by questions from her viewers, her original body was thrown in a blender, molded into a floppy disk, and was inserted into a crappy 80s computer where she now lives in the internet forever. No one really knows if she's joking or not...

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Dec 10, 2020
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