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The Dragonator is a game developer, an artist, and a gamer who is looking to branch out into more content spread out over multiple platforms. She loves drawing, dragons, drawing dragons, gaming, manga, anime, public domain stories like fairy tales, learning Japanese, and open source software. Her typical budget for new games is the size of a shoe string, so she likes showing off free and open source games whenever she can.

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When the Dragonator was hatched, she was born with a keyboard and mouse. She would play non-stop edutainment games and skateboarding games until she was introduced to her first game console and first platformer. Ever since, she would dream about the games she would play, which convinced her to make her own. Though she is a dragon, she can't breathe fire. All she can fry is her own brain. Her wings also do not work all that well, as being hatched to a human family made her unable to learn from dragons how to fly. The Dragonator found out she had powers through a vacation trip. It seemed odd that they would be ice powers, but discovered because of a fairy that she was, in actuality, an ice dragon. No longer needing to keep it a secret anymore, she hopes to fend off evildoers and protect Earth when she could not protect the Dragonlands.

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