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Dex TokuYasu

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A male, half-zenko kitsune v-tuber from an alternate Earth who loves sake, shamisen, singing, opera, games, and good conversation.

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Dex is from a parallel earth where the gods and mythical creatures are actually real and live among the people, many running corporations and/or government positions. He was a “Network Penetration Tester”, and a "Property Reacquisitions Specialist" working primarily for Inari Okami's financial empire on retainer for the last 200 of his 634 years.

He loves games, music, sake, and singing, and loves learning to play the shamisen. However, an informant told him they’d found out about an enchanted shamisen that was rumored to amplify a being's natural magic, and when Dex heard that, he felt drawn to it for some reason.

After tracking it to a facility owned by the goddess Benzaiten, he broke in to "reacquire" it, knowing in the back of his mind that for the first time he was actually stealing something. The closer he got to the shamisen, the more he heard it calling to him. However, moments after he picked it up, the security surrounded him. Unconsciously he struck the strings with the bachi intent on escaping. The shamisen heard his desire, and “helped” Dex escape by throwing him through space/time into this earth, draining almost all of his foxfire magic in the process.

Now, the shamisen has barely any magic, and his own power is reduced since this world's magic is so unfamiliar and untouchable to him.

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