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Deko Kyu【デコ・キュ】



Kyuccha, mina-san! Konnichiwa! My name is Deko and welcome to my page!

Deko is a femboy VTuber in the form of a catboy. He wears a black shirt, skinny jeans and arm warmers for his outfit while a golden bell choker jingles to his movements. Occasionally, he will wear the black hoodie on his waist. Additionally, he wears an eyepatch over his left eye. He is fluent in Japanese speaking and is capable of having casual conversations in Japanese. He streams a variety of games, especially horror games.

Lore Edit

In the vast, unknown depths of space, a space cat was bored. Drifting through space for what seems like an eternity, it yearns for some excitement. It soon came across Earth. Intrigued, it decided to visit the strange planet inhabited by the insignificant lifeforms known as humans. But the cat was astounded. Despite being so small and unimportant to the universe, humans create their own meaning to enjoy their short lifespans. They built civilizations, created new technology, diversified many cultures, and share meaningful bonds. The cat has found an interesting planet. It decided to try living life as a human. More specifically, living life as a VTuber. Taking inspiration from the VTuber/Idol culture, it creates a physical body for itself. An androgynous male human sharing the traits of a cat, like cat ears and tail. It aims to have a fun time on earth; learning and experiencing the various cultures and making new friends.

What experience will the space cat have on its journey as a VTuber?

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