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Cynd (full name Cynder Roseheart) is a nonbinary/agender dragon VTuber/VStreamer whose content primarily consists of art and gaming. They are generally pretty anxious and shy, and prefer to have a more chill and comfortable environment. Their favorite games are early to mid 2000s platformers, and they formerly held the world record for The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night 100% speedrun. Other games they enjoy include NieR, Pokemon, and TWEWY.

Cynd is an alter, a part of a dissociative identity disorder (DID) system. They operate their content and branding separately from BATNOISE (main artist alias). They will talk about their mental health experience often and lend advice and insight to living with DID, and they stream to legitimize their existence as an individual.

They have yet to have a proper Live2D debut, but they currently stream with several different flavors of reactive PNGs and GIFs. Some of these variations include their main design, an anthro form, a chibi version of their dragon form, and even some memey ones. Nearly all of their assets are self-made.

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Literally just a dragon with a hoard of video games!

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