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CthulhuTilly is a Male Vtuber who plays games, makes jokes, and provides a chill relaxing atmosphere during late night chill streams for people to relax to. Every other Saturday he records the scuffed podcast "Chatting in the Void", A conversational Podcast about Games, gaming culture, stories and story design and life and anything in between.

He loves Garlic Bread, Laughing with his Friends, and Bringing the impending Apocalypse. In that order. Known for waffling wildly back and forth between wholesome and horny on main.

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Deep within the sunken city of R'yleh, CthulhuTilly rests between his game streams. At one point he was intending on bringing the Apocalypse down on mankind, however, when he awoke, the world had already gone mad enough to need instructions on toothpick boxes.

Similar to John Watson he found this disconcerting and decided instead of instilling insanity, he would play games, make friends, and make his little corner of the universe as comfortable and chill for others as possible.

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