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Creme is an English female virtual YouTube who’s mascot is an elven mage. Her content mostly revolves around gaming, chatting, memes and art. Her birthday is October 7th

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The faded moon arises as soft footsteps could be heard, gentle sighs arise further and further in the distance. The sound of heels crunching against the golden and red leaves that had fallen on to the grass. These footsteps belonged to an elf, not just any elf but a mage.

You see; mages are rare, they can be seen as abominations to some or God to others. This elf though had a darkly lit secret she held dear. Her name is Creme Anastasia Armand, she is the youngest of 5 children. She adores her beagle/chihuahua mix named Pecan and her birds named Kiwi and Mocha; Kiwi being a round Peach-Face lovebird and Mocha being a lean white and cinnamon colored cockatiel. She also adores drawing, sculpting, stargazing, reading, makeup, video games, memes, small animals, comics, manga, figure collecting and acting like a moron who may have drunk a pound of sugar. Creme had figured that she would have liked to learn more about her hierarchy, where her magic had originally come from. What she had discovered shook her down to her very core. Her family was related to an ancient elven god. Does this mean she is demigod? In all honesty; no. How? Well; she is not his child; she is his great (etc x 9) grandchild. The magic remains: no demigods arise in the family. Reason was due to the first of their bloodline; she had no magic of her own. Yes, she was an elf, but she had no magic of her own. Generations have passed and their magical abilities have remained tamed, dull down almost. If the magic from her ( etc x 9) great grandfather is awakened once more, the world will begin to shatter and crumble. Creme had kept this secret quiet for some time now, wanting nothing more but to just continue with her life and not let this back her down. But she had decided to try and use her magic for good use, playing video games, talking to others and letting them join her to become adventurers. The real magic is to make others smile; make them laugh and bring their days more joy; one step at a time.

Now onto the story of the Obsidian Witch.

Creme had been on a solo adventure one day; this adventure was to learn about more magic along with the alchemy in the area she was exploring in. She had found a secret entrance which obtained treasures inside from what she could see at least.

Creme makes her way in as she writes down each item she sees. The soft echo of the cave to the cricks of the insects to the soft droplets of water.

Creme then finds a hidden room located quietly in the outskirts of the cave. She blinks as she tilts her head and and pressed her hand against the door. A faint glow can be seen as she does this again and the glow increases. She soon walked inside and it looked almost empty? But there lay a book; a cursed book torn, destroyed a bit on the cover, etc. This was known as Heirloom of the Forgotten. An ancient book which holds any form of magic, dark, light, etc but with a deep curse to whoever holds it. The elf swiped away some dust as she tilted her head and blinked. Placing the book in her bag as she felt it was enough and went home. Reading the book once home; it had become a much greater mistake.

Once reading it; she reaches a chant and begins to read. ‘ To those who wish to seek power; embrace it now via this chant; let strength consume the and proclaim this wish ‘ thinking nothing of it, Creme shrugs her shoulders and turns the page as a symbol appears; her hand brushes against this symbol then a flash. The chant was successful and the Obsidian Witch was born.

A strong pain begins to consume her as horns begin to grow from her head, large and narly as the darkness begins at the tips of her fingers, the whites of her eyes begin to turn a dark gray almost black color, a tail begins to form along with her staff becoming deformed.

Loud screams echoed in the room as they turned into near howls. Opening her eyes, the witch begins to rise as she looks towards the book and holds it in her right hand as a wicked smile comes across her face. Creme and Obsidian fight internally in Crème’s mind. The Obsidian Witch has become a separate mindscape from our dear Creme.

This causes the small beads to form next to her gem. Orange is Obsidian and Pink for Creme. Creme wins against her evil counterpart but the curse remains and Obsidian only returns during extreme circumstances or on the start of October and vanishes back once November begins. Obsidian was a powerful witch, as a result, many followers had started a cult in the name of the witch named Obsidian’s Pieces. She adores the group and gives its leader a very small dose of magic. If the witch is defeated, the leader dies and must split apart. After the mental battle and defeat of the witch, the both of them come to an agreement. One can not live without the other and thus become one. This combination results in the Rose Witch. A powerful woman with the ability to use her elemental magic to her likeling along with her dark magic. Her staff reforms as does her tail and horns. The Rose Witch works on her own accord and prefers it that way instead of the hero/villain titles. After the mental gymnastics she had dealt with, it was the best decision. As for the cult? Creme must hide with a cloak and mask but followers remain to find her and start again in her honor even though Obsidian did more harm than good. Creme wishes to set them free but due to the cult, it is impossible to set them free and they believe their goddess still exists. The monster-like features such as the mouth, horns and tail is a side effect of Obsidian’s damage.

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