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CozyMoonsy is a female VTuber and Streamer who makes content in English and PH.

Well known for cozy streams to help with relaxing her audience. Her focus is to have a good time with her audience while spreading a positive message of self love. Was recognized as an oni previously but has since then rebranded into a Kapre (philippine cryptid)

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The Kapre is a tree dwelling demon/spirit known for playing tricks on humans to protect their territory and land. They are also known for making contracts with humans to respect their land in exchange for guardianship. Moona Sinta (Moonsy) became friends with a young babaylan (shaman) who sought her for protection over her village when the conquistadors slashed through the jungles to bring their foreign beliefs and teachings.

Many years have passed since then, the village no longer stands but a Greenhouse deep in the woods. To get there you will arrive after a couple of missed turns and head scratching loops around the same tree. You will find Moonsy high up in her tree smoking the afternoon away or maybe you swore you saw some golden light from the sun peeking through the leaves. Play along with this demon to appease her mischievous ways or share your love of nature to spare your life.

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