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Clover Senpai



Clover is an ultra-based meme demon "VTuber", connoisseur of sarcasm, hater of ads, aptly apathetic, purveyor of poison damage, death metal dealer, and begrudgingly British (but has a licence do not worry!)

If he sounds like your next true oshi, firstly who hurt you? Secondly, welcome to the Cult of Clover!

He is your go-to guy for all things low energy-related.

(Clover is a VTuber in visual appearance, but not personality, he does not do a persona or roleplay. Instead, he acts as himself when on stream or social media as this is his preferred way to do so. No UwU or ara ara will come from this streamer any time soon, apologies degenerates).

Clover also finds it weird to refer to himself in the third person, but this is what vTubie wishes for, so here we are!

Clover is currently going through their (Puppet Arc), with the promise of a full 2D model in all its glory being soon to come...he hopes!

Lore Edit

Clovers lore exists entirely on the ruleset of (Schrödingers lore), in that all lore is created/designed/imagined entirely by the community/fans themselves.

However, due to the never-ending fun that is (Schrödingers lore), all lore is both true, yet untrue at the very same time, meaning there is no real lore for Clover at all really...

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