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Chris Venus Angel

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Chris Venus Angel is a Fallen Angel Queen Variety streamer from Canada who mainly speaks English and is currently trying to learn Japanese. She does gameplay, sings karaoke,reacts to videos, chats, and fashion designs outfits for her vtuber friends.

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Chris Venus Angel is the tomboyish Fallen Angel Queen of Maple Land. Though she was not born royal the followers she gained elected her their Queen and built a community that would grow into small kingdom. Originally Chris was not an angel that fell from the heavens but was a human in her past life and has mentioned she had died and reincarnated at least 2 or 3 times. How transformation into a fallen angel occurred is unknown, and even Chris barely remembers as she only has fragments of memories from her past lives that she sees through her dreams.However she remembers Cleary of how the last 2 times she had died. In one life was a betrayal from a friend who shot her point blank for unknown reasons and the other she was drowned by a tidal wave. She has a corrupt form, a dark form that unleashes when she becomes consumed by rage and madness. Some call it a devil trigger. In between her duties she likes to play video games with friends, sing, watch videos, and practice fashion design. She is rarely seen without her friend and Assistant Masotato and when she has time she leaves her palace to check in with her army in the Shitdisturbers Barracks ,and visit her friends.

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