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Chris Augusta



Chris V.Augusta (formerly Chris Venus Angel)is a Fallen Angel Queen Variety streamer from Canada who mainly speaks English and is currently trying to learn Japanese. They do gameplay, sing karaoke,reacts to videos,and fashion design outfits for their vtuber friends.Their pronouns are They/She.Currently shes on Hiatus from streaming till June 2023 due to health issues.

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A Fallen Angel living among the Humans. Unlike other fallen angels who are from heaven, Chris was a human in her past life cursed to never rest in peace by an unknown being to die and reincarnate and be stuck on earth for eternity. During her current life she founded the Maple Legion a group in Canada dedicated to protecting the balance between Life and Death in said country and keep non human beings from upsetting the balance. She was eventually made the group's Queen. While not performing their duties they practice their art,play video games with friends and occasionally stream. She is often accompanied by a creature named Masotato who acts as her assistant. They are 130 years old in Angel years which is 390 in Human years.

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