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Chocohana Mynthia

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Chocohana Mynthia is a Virtual YouTuber who makes content in a variety of languages.

Chocohana Mynthia is a mahou shoujo with an ordinary unique power, wifi. She called her wifi power, Mynthernet, and claim that it's the fastest internet in the world. She serves the power of her Mynthernet to everyone for using it.

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Chocohana Mynthia is just an ordinary girl in the human world. At first, she got isekai-ed into a princess by a truck. She was suffer for having too many pink clothes and decided to trade all her pink clothes to the witch to get a pc setup. Because of that, her parents grounded her for a very long time. and that is where she decided that she going to become a vtuber. One day, Mynthia finally got her freedom from grounded too long. And right the time she celebrates it, she got hit by a truck(again). And that's where she came back to where she belongs. When she realised she is back to her original body, she met a species-cat like. Furaisen (called as Senbey) he granted her a new power which is mahou shoujo. But with an ordinary unique power, wifi. And that where she decided to sell her Mynthernet in order to save the internet world.

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