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ChiChi is a newcomer Vampire Vtuber who started her journey in March 2022! She is a very lewd but cute vampire with a soft heart, yet showing signs of a dark & evil side every now and then. ♥

Trying to rebuild her Clan & finding a new Family she decided to give Vtubing a go and is now entertaining humans with her goofy personality, wholesome character & lewd jokes & comments ♥

She streams MON | TUE | THU | SA @ 8PM CET + SUN @ 10AM CET over on Twitch & is very active on Twitter!♥

She also found YouTube & Tiktok for her content & is still experimenting with modern days technology ♥

In addition ChiChi has a Discord server for her Clan & does now offer people to join her personal Harem on Patreon where she uploads a bunch of Bonus Content! ♥

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[Short Version]

Chiyoko is a Vampire who was born about 300 years ago. After her entire family, which was the biggest Vampire Clan in Japan, got killed by the villagers in her hometown she and her two servants tried to find shelter in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately she learned that the rest of the family there got killed even ealier so they kept on traveling. After 2 years Chiyoko had found her new home in Prussia. After all the loss she had endured she decided to hibernate & woke up 200 years later, all by herself.

As she learned that people in the modern days like and romantices Vampires she decided to build up the Fujiwara Clan from Dust & bring it to an ever bigger glory than it used to be! She then soon learned about Vtubing and decided to give it a go herself to connect with the modern humans & grow her Clan to a whole new Family! ♥

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