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Cheez (19, Nonbinary, Pansexual) is a streamer who specializes in RPGs, platformers, classic games, and games that inspire a very chill, relaxing vibe that allows others to feel relaxed. They sometimes have friends on stream which adds a very noticeable chaotic energy with their inane commentary and willingness to take conversations off the rails. Despite this, Cheez appreciates just having people around to help keep the audience entertained.

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Cheez was just a humble little red panda hanging out in the San Francisco zoo, watching people and eating random dropped food. One day, a random kid dropped a 3DS into the enclosure, one playing Kirby Squeak Squad. Cheez put their paw on the screen and thanks to some imbued Gamer Magic, turned them into a person with a voluptuous, feminine body, but they're stuck at 2 feet and 6 inches tall. They now have a little home in the little enclosure since it's technically still their home.

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