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Chassanra is a bi danish Vstreamer that loves to casually play games, who swear a lot and whose brain is slower than Internet Explorer.

Chassanra loves to casually play games, no matter the genre. Some of her favourite games are: Minecraft, Rimworld, The Sims, Spore and Borderlands. She also enjoy watching anime, kdramas, cartoons, Star Wars and anything scary or horror related.

Chassanra can act kind of mother-like, is very small, has bad vision, often dont understand young-people humor (even though she is only 19), cant walk up the stairs without taking a break and goes to bed early. The combination of these things earned her the title of Grandma (or Chadma). Chassanra now refers to her viewers as her Grandchildren and wants to live up to her role as a grandma.

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Chassanra is a grandma for the people. She comes with cookies and candies of all kinds or hot drinks, like tea or cocoa. She comes when she is needed and she knows where all of her grandchildren are at all times. Don't mind her endless babbling of french or danish, she likes to teach people new things even if they are a bit weird.

She is accepting of everyone (except bad people) and don't mind how young she looks. Some say she takes the lifespan of these bad people to keep herself young to pamper her wonderful grandchildren. But why is she called grandma? No mortal knows, she just likes to be called that. No one dares to question it.

You might also hear some people call her Grandma Chad instead. She had a nickname called Chass/Chas, but one kid said Chad on accident and she ended up liking the name. She goes mostly by Chad now, and everyone sees the humor in it now.

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