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Cawffe Is a variety Streamer who Loves to play games on all of his streams. He streams semi daily with an occasional 1-2 days off per week. His streams consists of League of legends and genshin impact which are played semi daily, and it also consists of games which he choses to play ( most of which are solo games). He Is always open for Collabs and friend requests from other streamers as long as they contact him first via his socials.

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Cawffe is Currently The Only Known Easter style Genie V-tuber who is quite well known for being a ravioli and Spaghettis lover. Cawffe owns a café called teh Ravioli Café. Cawffe is imprisoned inside his lamp by a powerful Wizard who faced Cawffe during the War between the Genie and Humans Eons ago. Since Cawffe was one of the strongest War chiefs and the Primary Jury of the court in his main city, Which Ruled the entire world, He was feared among men and genies alike. The only close person who could get close to him without alerting him was his second in command and best friend Umberto. Many eons after Cawffe was imprisoned inside his lamp he would be able to materialize into different things. Those include different humans and or objects. The legend has it that Up until know Cawffe has never shown his true self to anyone But those who remember him from his old days. Some Figures that where spotted before where Cawffee the Yakuza Boss who retired into a coffee shop and Cawwy the young Barista Lady. Throughout his years Cawffe Finds his Old best friend Umberto and the ONLY surviving member of the Genie clan since the old times Cursed into becoming a Ravioli. Like Cawffe Umberto can clone himself and is very well known to be a great cook ! Both Cawffe and Umberto Currently Work and Live inside the Ravioli Café Where Cawffe is the general Manager and Owner Meanwhile Umberto is the Cutest Mascot to ever live and the best Head Chief to ever cook on this planet. The Café Always has its hands open for anyone and everyone who wants to come in... But be Careful not to upset its main employees up ... Or else...

Tips to Remmeber:

  • Cawffe Got Legs.. He just dosnt show them while Live on the interent
  • Cawffe Likes to read a lot of book and watch a lot of anime So feel free to hit him up with any recommendations
  • Cawffe Hates Rude people and Will proceed to Humiliate them in anyway he sees Fit ! (Please be nice...)
  • Cawffe Dosn't Like talking about His personal Life as much ! What is said on stream Is what you get !
  • Cawffe Is always looking for new friends ! Don't be shy
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