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Causya is a Insane Demon that haunts in The Never Ending Forest located in England. He is around 5 foot 9 with a slim build and he owns a Demonic Owl called Birgil.

He is daunting, fearful, unnerving, straight-faced and completely unhinged, get on his bad side and he will lock you away into the shadows of The Never Ending Forest.

His favourite colour is Green. In his spare time he likes to play Games (preferably Shooters, RPGs, Horror, Rougelikes, Hack & Slash and Fighters), Photoshop, Memes and causing Insanity.

His age is unknown but he looks mid-20s, his Birthday is on 23rd December and his Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

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It all started with a lonely demon, trapped away in the depths of the underworld, OUTCAST by the overlords, looking for a answer to his everlasting sorrow. After what felt like centuries of TORMENT, with all that was left of his strength, he broke free from his chains of suffering, and set his path to the surface looking for peace. He travelled long and far reaching his goal, however he found himself in a very ODD forest, a forest that many don't know about..

It was THE NEVER ENDING FOREST, a wonder so vast yet mysterious that goes on, and on, and on... FOREVER. The demon admired his newly found home, the calm ambience, the tall trees, it thrived with animals of many kinds, he was quite a fan of the owls in particular, watching over him. As he explored this new wonder, he came across a baby owl who lost it's mother, and so he took care of it, as one of his own, he called him BIRGIL.

Time passed and the demon eventually settled in the forest, he built a place to stay, cared for his friendly owl, and got the peaceful life he DESPERATELY pursued, but yet, the demon was not done. The demon got CURIOUS, and wanted to find answers as to how this forest came to be, and so he channelled his inherited demonic powers with the forest's unexplained energy as a attempt to unveil the mystery, what he discovered was the LAST thing he expected..

He heard voices of many SHATTERED souls, crying out for help wanting to be set free from the same sorrow that he once felt back in the underworld, he tried so hard to stop it, but it was already too late, the secret of the forest was finally UNBOUND. The demon's sanity was being drained, something felt CORRUPT about his own shadow, he felt as if it was haunting him, giving him the coldest shoulder, whispering into his ear asking to be released, it was only a matter of time before the demon would become UNHINGED.

Then, on a CHILLING night in the haunting forest, the demon was CONSUMED by his own shadow, taking over his body, mind and soul, it was then that the shadow truly revealed itself...

His name is CAUSYA, a insane entity who was locked away in THE NEVER ENDING FOREST, now free at last, DON’T STARE AT THE SHADOWS FOR TOO LONG...

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